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Since  2011 operates also our tourist agency Marica. We offer and organize excursions around the Brda and the surrounding area, events, local management and transportation.


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Cultural Heritage:


  • Kojsko - The Gothic church of Holly Cross with the famous Gothic altar vane from the year 1515.
  • Dobrovo castle - Renaissance castle with a permanent exhibition of Zoran Mušič, world-renowned artist and the museum collection of Count Silvio de Bagueri.
  • Šmartno - Medieval Mediterranean fortress built on the top of the hill surrounded by walls and towers.
  • Medana – Birth house of Alojz Gradnik, Slovenian poet, judge, translator and poet Ludvik Zorzut.
  • Churches in Brda (Golo Brdo, Vrhovlje in Kožbana, Biljana, etc.).

 Natural heritage:


  • Sabotin - interesting  trip spot with beautiful views and residuals from World War 1.
  • Korada - A popular hiking destination with magnificent views from the mountains to the sea.
  • Valley of Kozbanjscek – known after beautiful natural heritage.




  • Visit to the largest winery in Slovenia ( and various wine cellars
  • Casino (5 km)
  • Wellness with Finnish and Turkish sauna (1 km)
  • Train trail along the Austro-Hungary railway line from 1906
  • Solkan Bridge - the largest stone railway bridge in the world




Sveta gora (15 km) / Franciscan monastery and famous pilgrimage centre.
Kostanjevica (14 km) / Tomb of the last descendants of the French royal family of the Bourbons.
Štanjel (45 km) / Picturesque Karst village with narrow streets and stone houses, which are arranged in terraces up to the top of the hill.
Vipavski Križ (44 km) / Village which is one of the most beautiful historical cultural monuments in Slovenia.
Postojnska cave (50 km) / The most visited tourist cave complex in Europe.
Lipica  (88 km; 50 km on the motorway) / world-famous recreation centre and cradle of all Lipizzaner horses in the world.
Kobarid (46 km) / Museum of the First World War and a wide range of sporting activities.
Bovec (67 km) and the valley of Soča  / Centre of sports tourism in the valley of the Soca.
Cormons (17 km) / Lovely little town under the “Monte Quarin” hill , the centre of the Italian part of Collio (italian name for Brda).
Gorizia (15 km) / Lovely town with Austrian character, which has grown between the Slav and the Latin world with majestic castle of counts of Gorizia which reins over the city.
Cividale (32 km) / An important historical, artistic and cultural monument of Lombard civilisation.

Aquileia (44 km) / The famous city of Rome with preserved traces of the patriarchal Basilica and  early Christian floor mosaics, one of the best preserved in the Western world.

Palmanova (40 km) / One of the finest examples of Renaissance star-shaped fortress with nine legs, which the Venetian Republic built for defense against the Turks.
Vila Manin (65 km) / One of the most important artistic monuments in the Friuli Venezia Giulia, a symbol of tourism and culture of this area.

Grado (52 km) / It is well known seaside resort on an island connected by a bridge, with a beautiful town marina, interesting narrow streets in the old town and a nice long walking path along the coast.
Venice (152 km) / One of the most picturesque places of Italy, known for its romantic bridges, beautiful architecture, narrow streets and numerous palaces, churches and museums.
Trieste (69 km) / An old, romantic costal town with an Austrian character, heritage from the times it used to be the main Austrian port.
Castle Miramare (40 km) / Near the town of Trieste. Built for Austrian Archduke Maximilian and his Belgian wife Charlotte of Belgium.
Devin and Rilke path (25 km) / Small port and Duino Castle, where Rilke started writing his famous work Elegies. The panoramic path along the coastal limestone cliffs was named after him.




The hilly landscape with an interesting surrounding area offers many recreational opportunities from the light-hearted to the more demanding trips and recreational activities.